Boxes at my house.

I am currently moving and therefore have to choose what I put into storage for an undetermined amount of time. I am finding it very difficult to decide what are the most important things that I am going to need over the next 3 or more months. I am asking myself repeatedly: Do I want to keep this outside of the box?

Although this situation is difficult, it made me think of teaching. Many people I read and listen to ask the same type of question about education. What are the most important “things” that your want to teach in your class? What are the “go to” pieces, that when all else is stripped away, are most important? What do you want to keep outside of the box?

I have my own answers, but I find the question intriguing. Say you had two days to teach. What are the most important concepts that your students can focus on? Are they curricular? Are they related to social responsibility? How do you define these concepts?

The other aspect that enters my mind is how to present these ideas? Do I present them in an interesting way? It is what is most important…  Will it be boring? I know that my next few months are going to be stimulating and interesting because I will be personally engaged, on a high level, with my surroundings. Will the students say the same about my classes? Will the methods I use be in or outside the box?

These are the ideas that need to be the focus of the entire course or class. These are the ideas that need addressing each day so that they become the “most important” ideas in the minds of students. These are the ideas that should guide our teaching and direct our days.

What are the ideas the you want to keep out of the box?


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