It is the time of year when we are seeing a bunch more teachers who are looking to increase the level of intervention with their students for various reasons. Many are asking, “What should I do?”. They have tried many of their own strategies and have improved the situation, but they have run out of tools in their toolbox. Here is a thought that passed through my head while thinking about these situations:

Caring + Intervention + Monitoring + Patience

Ultimately, the worst thing one can do is nothing, but sometimes we forget that patience is a needed part of any change. It is when we find the balance between intervention and patience that we see results and are most effective. While we are being patient we must monitor and support, this way we are ready to react to any major issues. All of this comes from caring and doing what we think is best for our students.

Pretty basic and simplistic really, but it spoke to me… Well actually at that point I was speaking to myself I guess. Yikes! Maybe I need an intervention, or perhaps just some patience. I’ll just monitor for now.


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