Richard Gerver – A Manifesto for Change

I was able to sit down with Richard Gerver at uLead a few weeks back. If you have not heard of him, you are in for a treat. Richard took over a school on the brink of closure and through innovative changes brought it to the top of performance. I really appreciate his focus on both achievement being about academic performance, creativity and creating the human beings we want to live with when they are adults.

These are the kind of chats that inspire me to get back to school the next day and continue the work we are doing. I hope you feel inspired too after listening.

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Kids These Days with Dr. Jody Carrington

I was really fortunate to recently sit down with Dr. Jody Carrington, a clinical psychologist, to talk about education. I was struck with her message, that we need to take care of the people who hold our kids. Too often we forget that teachers need support, as we are concentrated on the students we serve. This leads to bad things!

The other message that I want all teachers to hear is that they are HEROES! Thats right, you. You have an enormous impact on your students, probably more than you know.

You can listen to our conversation:

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Now to get on Kijiji so I can buy some meat trays.